LeasePlan: DNA match

LeasePlan understands the responsibility we collectively have. And we at Net4kids understand how we can give substance to this responsibility. That’s why LeasePlan chose Net4kids in 2006.

LeasePlan is global market leader in car leasing and fleet management. With operations in over 30 countries and 1.6 million cars in its fleet – LeasePlan knows a couple of things when it comes to leasing and driving. And driving should be as smart, clean and efficient as possible. LeasePlan wants to implement these core values and this business approach throughout the whole company. Also when it comes to sharing their profits.

LeasePlan invests part of its capital in aiding the most underprivileged children in the world under the name ChildPlan. In order to have the most impact, Lease Plan was looking for an expert in the field of child aid. LeasePlan believes in emotional involvement but with a business approach. We at Net4kids believe that too, we have started working together since – with results. We’ve offered concrete assistance to many underprivileged children. But that’s not all we’ve done!

Our professional cooperation has also brought about a high level of employee engagement at LeasePlan. And it has been proven: the CSR policy at LeasePlan Nederland is among the top 3 reasons to work at the firm. Worldwide, our cooperation with LeasePlan has led to many fundraising activities.

Will your company also be a part of our success story?

“The success of our program is reflected in the loyalty of our employees”
Flora Hennekes, LeasePlan

LeasePlan invests in:

Project: Healthcare project for street children

The healthcare project of Child Watabaran Center (CWCN) offers help to street children via a mobile healthcare project and a walk-in clinic. In addition to medical treatment, the children receive counselling and coaching, which helps them to reintegrate into society. Continue reading.

Project: ChildPlan Academy

Our local partner, Society Serving Humanity in India, runs a programme for children with HIV/AIDS. It offers education, medical care and food security. The programme also includes leadership training, peer support and breaking taboos about HIV/AIDS. Continue reading.

TASK: Engagement programmes

TASK believes that the younger generation holds the future. TASK wants to invest in new generations that develop their own country step by step. Net4kids has been taking care of these investments for TASK for many years now.

TASK is the go-to project organisation in the fields of infrastructure, regional planning and real estate. With CSR anchored throughout the whole organisational structure, TASK wants to make the world a little bit better. They also believe that it is important to encourage their employees to be and remain vital. That is why for TASK, CSR is connected with Vitality Management.

This was enough reason to start a successful campaign: ‘On the move for Net4kids‘. Employees, customers and other stakeholders took the step to take part in a virtual walking tour to the selected project, a Net4kids project in Thailand.

The whole project was successful move for TASK to facilitate and stimulate community building in their company.

Do you want to make the world a little better as well, together with your stakeholders? We are excited to set it up with you.

TASK invests in:

Project: Facilities for remote mountain schools

In the remote mountains in northern Thailand, education isn’t within reach. Children don’t attend school because of the shortage of teachers or the bad living conditions in the school area. Our local partner Samsara Foundation is committed to providing better education facilities. Continue reading.

Project: Shelter and education for street girls

Thousands of girls have to survive on the dangerous streets of Indian cities like Calcutta and Delhi. The Rainbow Homes offer them individual care, attention, a home and an education. After they turn 18, the girls are helped on their way to independence. Continue reading.

Success story: Stichting Elsgoed

Elsgoed Foundation has been supporting Net4kids for many years as an investor. Since 2013 Net4kids has been helping out Stichting Elsgoed with Charity Desk: we look after the implementation of the policies and take care of scanning the funding requests.

“Charity Desk is a great support for our foundation and in addition our involvement with the project. At the same time, Net4kids helps getting the project to the next level, which directly benefits the children.” Annemiek van der Schaar - Stichting Elsgoed

“Our family Foundation wants to nudge underprivileged children in the right direction, so that they too can develop,” says Annemiek van der Schaar – Board member of Elsgoed Foundation. The first project ‘Meaningful education’ for Mayan children in Guatemala, got a positive project scan match. Together we now offer aid to about 2,500 children in Guatemala.

Elsgoed Foundation knows that their project in Guatemala for Mayan children is a good match. And that by working together, we can scale up a project.

Our cooperation in Kenya makes for a good example.  What started off as a small-scale aid project for underprivileged children in Nairobi, has now become one of the most telling and sustainable projects in our Africa portfolio- Watoto Wema Centre. With the investment of Stichting Elsgoed a community health centre has been build and the profits flow back to the children in the shelter.

With our Charity Desk we realize maximum impact for children and families, and foundations.

Do you share our belief that a better world starts with children, but that this can only be successful with a business approach? Let’s meet.

Projects in our Charity Desk Porfolio:

Project: Building a future for vulnerable children

In Kenya there are still millions of children living in extreme poverty. Together with project partner Watoto Wema, Net4kids provides a sustainable living and learning environment for these vulnerable children. Thanks to the project, they will learn how to make a positive contribution towards society. Continue reading.

Your Project.

We love to do business with families & foundations that take their projects just as serious as we do. Learn more about Charity Desk.

Saada: Success kid

We invest in opportunities and ensure that children have the opportunity to develop themselves in order to make a difference. We’re pleased to introduce you to Saada.

Saada grew up in the poor community of Mtakuja. Our local project partner, FT Kilimanjaro, has given her the chance to develop herself. Thanks to a daily nutritious school lunch, good teaching materials and an enthusiastic classroom teacher, Saada has developed into a self-sufficient mature woman.

She recently returned to Mtakuja with a diploma stating she’s an electrician. Today she’s a Sales & Installation agent at a Solar Company.

As you might understand, we are incredibly proud of her.

She and her colleagues now deliver solar energy to over 3,000 households in the region. Saada provides benefits to her community, and is working for her own income. Starting a family is her next wish.

Our wish is that she doesn’t need to worry about medical facilities in her village. By providing a Mama bus we want to take away those worries.

As far as we are concerned, this bus will soon be driving around in her region to provide support in the first 1,000 days of her baby.

This is what we do it for. Invest together with us in success kids like Saada- we’d love to get in touch.

This is where Saada seized her opportunity to develop:

Project: School and support for every child in need

The Mtakuja project is an integral project with a structural and sustainable cooperation with the African multinational TPC. Investments are made in infrastructure, sustainability, food security, education and health care. The community is becoming more self-reliant. Continue reading.

Aloysius & SAVE: Local hero

Child labour in the textile industry is a known problem in the Tirupur region in South India. Growth in this industry over the past few years also meant more child labourers. Our project partner Aloysius does his utmost best to counter this.

Aloysius is the Director of project partner, SAVE. This gentle and endearing man is truly our hero in the field of children’s labour rights. He enters into discussions with the factory owners in the textile factories and saves children from the factory and the street. He inspires, is energetic and works hard to give every child a chance to an education.

No education is no option. Along with his right-hand woman Mary and the other staff members, he makes the difference. Threats and false accusations by factory owners at his address are not uncommon. That doesn’t stop him though.

In fact, his ambitions are greater than ever. With the arrival of the Green Park Smart School, he made education possible for all children. Joyful education, to be exact – every child should also be able to simply BE child. Happy colours on the walls, lots of sports and games, and attention to environment and sustainability. The school runs entirely on solar energy.

Aloysius is most proud of the Bridge Schools, a project that we as Net4kids support. Education tailored for ex-child labourers and migrant children, so that Aloysius knows that even these kids get a chance to receive education. And it prevents these children from ending up behind the loom or in the oil industry.

We believe in this man and his good work with SAVE. Here, lives are being changed. Investing in SAVE is investing in the new generation. Are you on board?

“The Bridge Schools run by SAVE make learning more interesting, and in a language that the children can understand. The project will bring about a lasting change, better care, good education, health and training in life skills, reducing the number of migrant children on streets.”A. Aloysius, SAVE

SAVE projects:

Project: Bridgeschools for ex-childlabourers

Children who come from a child labour situation cannot simply be placed into the regular schoolsystem. They are behind in their development. That’s why a gap year in the ‘Bridge Schools’ of SAVE is needed before they go to a regular school. Continue reading.

Project: Vocational training for ex-childlabourers.

This project helps children who are rescued from child labour situations further develop after basic education. The vocational training centre, opened in 2011, educates young people to become certified as electrician or tailor. These professions are very desirable in the region of Tirupur. Continue reading.

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