Privacy Statement Net4kids.

You value your data and transparancy. We at Net4kids share that opinion. It’s one of our core values since the start of Net4kids. We do our very best to protect your personal information. With this statement we hope to answer any question you have on Net4kids concerning your personal data.

On what grounds do we process your personal data?

We process (this includes any form of usage, storage, and collection of data) personal data based on one or more of the following grounds:

  • Contractual grounds;
  • Legal obligatory grounds;
  • Processing of data is necessary for legitimate interests of Net4kids;
  • Your consent or outspoken interest in Net4kids.

If you want to revoke your consent, see what data we have and/or change your personal data in our systems, you can reach us through email at or at 020 406 7550.

How do we use your personal data?

You can get in contact with us in several ways. For example, you may have filled in a contact form on our website. If you use a form like this, your data is only used for communication until there is reason to believe that there may be an investment in the future. You may also use a different route to contact Net4kids. The same process applies here. If you make a donation through the PIF platform or direct bank transfer, we may contact you through PIFworld of any other means we have to reach out to you

If we have reason to believe that you or your company will be investing in Net4kids or if you have actually donated, personal data may be stored in Salesforce, our CRM system. We will use this information to maintain contact with you. Maintaining contact includes any correspondence concerning our cooperation, sending you updates on big organisational changes, relevant news and/or project updates or general fundraising events.

We believe that if there’s a reason to work together, then you will share our dream and want to be part of our world. Of course, we limit that involvement to things that are relevant to our mission and will not share your data with third parties without your consent.

What information do we collect and for what purpose?

Net4kids only collects information that is relevant to us. What we may collect and/or process:

  • First- and last name – so that we know who we are dealing with;
  • Emailadres and telephonenumber – so we can reach you;
  • Title – so we know that we’re talking to the right person;
  • Company name –  so we know whether we regard your investment as a private or corporate investment;
  • Language– so we can talk to you in the right language;
  • Bank details – so that we may allocate costs correctly, in the case of PIF donations.

We may use external, openly available sources like LinkedIn to validate information. This helps us to make sure we address you properly.

If you want to stay involved with Net4kids through mail/postage, check in with us and we will work out the details together. Unless agreed we will not process your private address details.

Aside from personal data we process company data. This is not traceable to individuals.

How long do we store personal data?

We retain personal data for a period of 5 years after the last donation date, or active involvement.

As Net4kids, we often translate the costs per project to costs per child. In those calculations, we take into account the educational costs, but also other related costs such as the costs of teacher salaries, new teaching material or rent for the building. In most cases, the running time of the programmes is much longer than 1 year -it may last up to 15 years – and investments in things such as infrastructure are long term investments. The impact a one-time investment has, is therefore not limited to the year it was done but to a longer period of time.

Net4kids and the investor contractually agree upon investing in child aid programmes with the intention to have a positive impact in childrens’ lives. The intention, regardless of whether the investor has donated every consecutive year, we believe to remain the same. On the other hand we understand that the investor does not want to informed about the impact of the investment for the rest of his life if the investor decided not to continue the investment. Based on the average programme life cycle we limit our data retention to a period of 5 years, starting from the last donation date or active involvement with Net4kids. After 5 years, we will reach out to find out whether you want to stay in touch for another 5 years. If you don’t confirm with us, we will delete your personal data from our database.

Based on fiscal grounds, invoices will be kept for 7 years. If invoices do not hold personal data, this may be for a longer period of time.

Your rights.

As a person, you have certain rights. In short: if you want to see, change or you want us to delete your data, contact us through or at 020 406 7550. We’re glad to help you out.

You have the following rights:

  • Right of access;
  • Right to data portability;
  • Right to erasure (or right to be forgotten);
  • Right to rectification;
  • Right to restriction of processing;
  • Right to object and automated individual desicionmaking;

You can learn more about what these rights actually mean at this website:

Net4kids and cookies.

To improve the user experience and fuctions of this website, Net4kids uses cookies. We use the following cookies:

  • Technically neccesary cookies to support the functioning of the website;
  • Analytical cookies to monitor and analyse visits, to optimise our website;
  • Social media cookies to be able to share and like pages on social networks;
  • Functional cookies that enhance the user experience.

But what’s a cookie?

A cookie is a file that is saved on your computer when you visit a website. Cookies make it possible to remember preferences or to monitor surfing habits. User experience on website can be enhanced  with the use of cookies. It also makes if possible for websites to show specific, more tailored information to the user.

Analytics cookies.

Net4kids uses Google Analytics to monitor and analyse the surfing behaviour of visitors. The information that we deduct from the data is used to optimize and improve the website. An example: if the contactform is often filled in partly but almost never completely, there could be something wrong with the contact form. Google can be obliged to share this data with third parties. Net4kids has no influence in this matter.

The information that Google gathers is made anonymous as much as possible. We have requested Google to mask your IP-address. You can find out what Google does with your personal data in their own privacy statement.

Social media cookies.

You may come across some social media buttons to share or like certain pages or posts. Some examples are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter. These buttons make use of code provided by the mentioned social media. This code also includes cookies, outside the influence of Net4kids.  The information is anonymised as much as possible before it is sent to the mentioned social media. Net4kids has no influence on what these parties do with this data.

You can learn more about what these parties use your information for in their respectieve privacy statements.

 You are able to limit these cookies by installing plugins such as ‘Disconnect’ for Chrome or Firefox.

Functional cookies.

Some of the cookies on this website are used to improve on fuctionalities such as Google Maps. These cookies may be used to help pinpoint your location to give you a correct direction. The information is anonymised as much as possible before it is sent to the involved application or party. Net4kids has no influence on what these parties do with this data.

You can learn more about what these parties use your information for in their respective privacy statements.

Personal preferences and settings.

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Without cookies, websites or specific functions may not work as intended. If you want to turn off cookies from specific parties, check

Changes in our privacy statement.

Net4kids Aid Foundation reserves the right to make changes tot his privacy statement including the cookie statement. Any alterations or changes are published here. Check this page regularly to stay up to date.

Questions or remarks?

We’d love to hear from you. You have the right to see, change or have us delete your personal data. Be sure to reach out at or 020 406 7550 if there is something we can do for you.