Net4kids is a ANBI/PBO, a Public Benefit Organisation. A PBO has to commit atleast 90% of its’ expenses to the general good.

This PBO qualification, granted by the Tax and Customs Administration, has a number of tax benefits:

  • A PBO pays no inheritance or gift tax; bequeathal to an PBO means no tax is levied on your estate.

  • Donors (investors) of a PBO may deduct their gifts from income tax or corporation tax.

  • To be eligible for deduction of periodic donations, the donor (investor) and the ANBI must record the donation in an agreement.


Net4kids Aid Foundation is a foundation under Dutch law.

KvK number Net4kids Aid Foundation: 34219530 /
RSIN-number: 8154 56 608.


Stichting Net4kids Aid Foundation
IBAN: NL54 RABO 0333952 138

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