Net4kids is a ANBI/PBO, a Public Benefit Organisation. A PBO has to commit atleast 90% of its’ expenses to the general good. Een instelling kan alleen een ANBI zijn, als ze zich voor minstens 90% inzet voor algemeen nut.

This PBO qualification, granted by the Tax and Customs Administration, has a number of tax benefits:

  • A PBO pays no inheritance or gift tax; bequeathal to an PBO means no tax is levied on your estate.

  • Donors (investors) of a PBO may deduct their gifts from income tax or corporation tax.

  • To be eligible for deduction of periodic donations, the donor (investor) and the ANBI must record the donation in an agreement.


Net4kids Aid Foundation and Net4kids Organisation are foundations under Dutch law.

KvK number Net4kids Aid Foundation: 34219530 /
RSIN-number: 8154 56 608.

KvK number Net4kids Organisation: 34219254 /
RSIN-number: 8168 29 524.

KvK number Net4kids Continuity Fund: 34119286 /
RSIN-number: 8087 98 686.


Stichting Net4kids Aid Foundation
IBAN: NL54 RABO 0333952 138

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