The child aid organisation for entrepreneurs.

We see

… inequality in the world. Inequality that we as entrepreneurs can do something about. Inequality for which we are partially responsible. By sharing our wealth and resources we create opportunities for children who would otherwise seldom be given opportunities. And we believe in strong, motivated children who seize these opportunities.


… experts, who stand for upscaling and networking. Experts when it comes to our projects; and scaling up through sharing best practices among our projects. We are the matchmakers between entrepreneurs who take their responsibility and high-quality child aid programmes.

We do

… concrete child aid in a responsible manner– because just like you, we also value efficiency. We invest in practical and sustainable projects, which benefit our children for the long term.

Take a peek at what that looks like in practice.

This is what we offer investors.

Corporate Charity & Engagement programmes

  • 01

    We match your company’s DNA with one of our selected sunstainable projects. We look at what suits you.

  • 02

    We offer employees and client programmes to facilitate involvement. Time to make your stakeholders even more loyal.

  • 03

    We offer transparency. Because we all want to know what the results of our investments are.

  • 04

    Every six months we share insightful project reports with you to keep you and your stakeholders engaged.

Charity Desk

  • 05

    In terms of projectmanagement, we want to take a load off the shoulders of (family) foundations. We treat your foundation’s project requests as serious as our own.

  • 06

    We do what we’re good at, and manage your project for you. Together, we bring your impact to the next level. We call it Charity Desk.

We'd love to set out a path together.

Working with project partners.

Pyramid of care & reports

  • 01

    We want to see a business plan. A long-term, sustainable plan that we can rely on.

  • 02

    We select our projects with our Pyramid of Care as a starting point. Our project portfolio covers all these areas so that we can create real, sustainable opportunities.

  • 03

    Every six months we ask our projectpartners for a detailed report that we can share with our investors. Both qualitative and quantitative.