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The Club of One Thousand

April 24, 2020

We are looking for one thousand companies

Many companies will have a hard time in the coming months. It is therefore understandable that we are now focussing on how to cope. It is also understandable that others who were vulnerable even before the Corona crisis are not on top of our minds.

Net4kids is the child aid organization for companies.
Based on the belief that children around the world are the next generation, we offer these children opportunities to develop themselves. Provide them with an opportunity on the job market. Dutch entrepreneurs, companies, start-ups or scale-ups help Net4kids to set up projects by investing and by sharing knowledge and expertise. We are, however, now faced with an acute problem due to the Corona crisis. All of these children need us more than ever before.

We are vulnerable, they are much more vulnerable.
It would be particularly dramatic for them if all the good work, all efforts, are lost through this crisis.

That’s why we set up ‘De Club van Duizend.’ (The Club of One Thousand)
A thousand companies that we ask to donate (one-off) € 140 to Net4kids. A thousand companies that may be struggling themselves, or that may feel what it is like to be vulnerable and feel that all the work can be put in jeopardy in one go. And that is because they now experience it themselves, or because they see it around them, understand, and feel now what this crisis will mean for all those underprivileged children who were just on the way to build a life for themselves.

The Next Generation Foundation

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Join by donating € 140


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why €140?
    Together with a 1000 companies, we can raise an amount of € 140,000. An amount with which we can continue to provide the necessary support for the children in our projects. On short term that means  financing food packages and soap. It also means that we can help our local partners restart their projects where needed.

  2. I would like to share with my network that my company is a member of 'De Club van Duizend' and inspire others to participate as well, how do I do this?
    Download the image and place it on your own social media and company page. The video message may also be shared in your own network.

  3. Can my company do more?
    Absolutely. We will be happy to match your company to one of our child aid projects. You choose the project, amount and / or activity that suits you best. Customized and direct. Call or email us and we will work together.

  4. Can I donate anonymously?
    Yes, you can. After completion of the payment, you can fill in your preferences. 

  5. Can I receive an invoice?
    After completion of the payment, you can indicate whether you want to receive an invoice. We will send it to you within a few days.

  6. How do I keep up to date with the campaign
    Follow our social media channels on op LinkedInFacebook and Instagram. After completing the payment you can also indicate whether you want to receive our newsletter.