Happy children are our future.

We believe that:

  • Many more children need a chance in life;

  • The role of companies is a decisive factor;

  • Sustainable and transparent child aid is the answer;

  • Companies that understand this are more successful.

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Anke and Loek van den Boog, founders

We match companies with effective child aid projects.
Tailored specifically to your company DNA.

Curious how we do it?

Success story:
Investor Roamler

Roaming the streets.

Starting from 2018, Net4kids has joined forces with the fastest growing crowdsourcing company: Roamler. A strong match and a logical choice.

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“The SAVE Bridge Schools effectively offer a way out and an honest chance at a bright future.””

– Tim Christiaans, ambassador

“Today, being an entrepreneur means being able to create a sustainable future for everyone, not just for the business.”

– Jeroen ten Haave, Roamler

Success story:
Aloysius & SAVE

Local hero.

Together with Aloysius we are working hard to tackle child labour in India.

The right guy.

Success story:
Stichting Elsgoed

Doing what we are good at.

Watoto Wema used to be a Charity Desk project. We monitored the quality and took over the dailiy work for Stichting Elsgoed.

And now it is 'our' project.

“Saada radiates exactly what we envision for kids. Success, independence and a positive attitude towards life.”

– Annelieke, Funding manager Net4kids

Charity Desk
Projects scanned

Success story:

Success kid.

Saada grew up in poverty. At FTK she seized the opportunity to become an electrician.

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proven projects.

companies & foundations that invest through us.

passionate ambassadors.

peanut butter jars consumed at the office.
children helped.

These companies chose to invest in Net4kids. Thanks to their investments, thousands of children have been helped already. But we believe there is still a long way to go.

These boys used to work in a factory.
Nowadays they attend school
and are taken care of.

This is why we do what we do.

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We prefer long-term, sustainable relationships and working together. But a direct investment in a project is always welcome.