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Nepal: Construction boys and girls home and academic building

Child Watabaran Center Nepal (CWCN) has been running child homes for street children in Kathmandu since 2002. These homes were rented, providing the organisation with suboptimal conditions (unclean water, limited access to transportation, limited number of rooms) and annual rent increases. 
CWCN purchased land outside of the centre, where a new home for 30 boys and a new home for 30 girls has been built. The new homes were officially opened in September 2009. For more information, see the news report at General reports and news.

Extra construction costs

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Construction costs boys and girls home

Funding for construction (started in 2008) of a boys and girls home

01 Jan 2009 - 31 Dec 2009: 1x 

Running costs girls' home

Running costs girls home 2009: food, medical costs, clothes for the girls, operational costs of the house and staff.

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Construction cost 2008

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Many children don't have family, live on the street and are in a daily struggle to survive. These children cannot be accepted into foster families because of their background, exposure to drugs and anti-social behavior. These children (8-18 years) need psycho-social counseling, therapy and intensive socialization. With the construction of these homes, these children can be provided social security, a chance to rehabilitate and be reintegrated into the mainstream of society.
Funds are used for the construction of two homes, a home for 30 boys and a separate home for 30 girls, an Academic and Administrative building. The construction of these homes has been realised and the opening taken place.
Nepalese Minister inaugurates  child homes  in Kathmandu

Amsterdam, September 24, 2009 -Net4kids, a non-profit internet platform for sustainable child aid projects, has realised two new child homes and a school in Kathmandu, Nepal for the Child Watabaran Center Nepal (CWCN). The aim of the project is to provide a safe home to 60 street children. In addition, the centre provides the children with elementary education so that they can move up to the regular school system in due time. This significantly improves their chances of a better future. The project is fully funded by  LeasePlan, a multinational in the area of operational leasing and fleet management.
The inauguration was performed by Mr. Ram Bachan Ahir Yadav, Minister for Women, Children and Social Welfare of Nepal and was attended by, among others, the Managing Director of Net4kids, Odette van Zijdveld and the CEO of LeasePlan, Vahid Daemi.

Vahid Daemi: “The opening of the new child homes and the school in Nepal are the crowning glory on a worldwide LeasePlan programme, in which LeasePlan employees
develop activities to raise money for Net4kids. The two child homes and the school can provide a better future to these street children and LeasePlan is proud to be able to contribute.  We have chosen to cooperate with Net4kids because of the unique transparency with regards to donations and the way the projects are managed in cooperation with ‘Wilde Ganzen’.”

Net4kids and LeasePlan have supported multiple CWCN projects in Nepal over the past few years. CWCN primarily works with street children of Kathmandu, providing them health care, center-based education and vocational training. Examples of CWCN projects are a mobile health service, a medical center and child homes.
About LeasePlan
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Child Watabaran Center Nepal (CWCN)

Child Watabaran Center Nepel (CWCN) is an NGO established in 2002, to work with the street children of Kathmandu providing them shelter, health care and education. This is the story of Tirtha Raj Rasaili, the founder of a children’s home in Nepal, and, but far most the story of the street children of Nepal. When you look at him, he is just an ordinary person. But if you hear what he has established, you know he is not. Tirtha Raj Rasaili was a radio reporter in Nepal when he saw the awful conditions of the street children in Nepal. He was convinced that there was a way of helping the street children turn their life into a positive direction. Tirtha turned this idea into practice in 2002 by offering street children a home, health care and education. The CWCN was born.

Net4kids cooperates with CWCN since 2004. The first supported project was the mobile health service, over the years support was extended to building a girls home, running costs for this home and a transit clinic for street children.