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Cameroon: Babungo Education Project

Poverty, underdevelopment and disease are typical of the lives of people living in Babungo. This project will offer support to improve the health, economic position and coping capacity of the people in Babungo. The Babungo Foundation sees education as one of the most important ways of fighting poverty.

Babungo is an area in the northwestern region of Cameroon. Due to various problems within families, many children – primarily girls – do not attend school. The lack of money to pay tuition, or medical causes such as poor eyesight, is keeping these children from being enrolled in school.

Schoolfees for one child in Babungo 2012-2013

This includes besides school related costs, medical check-ups for the children, eye- and dental care and training to the parents of the children.

01 Jul 2012 - 30 Jun 2013: 27x 

Salary local doctor and eye specialist

01 Jul 2011 - 30 Jun 2012: 1x 

Computers and coversheets

01 Jul 2011 - 30 Jun 2012: 3x 

Motorbike for projectcoordinator plus maintenance and gasoline for 2 years

For the projectcoordinator it is necessary to get a motorbike to be able to visit and monitor the children and the families and bring medicines when necessary.

01 Jul 2011 - 30 Jun 2012: 1x 

The objective of this project is to offer 247 children a school career from primary through secondary education. This will give them more opportunities, such as the possibility of employment, when they are older. Babungo is also committed to improving the health of these children while they are attending school.

This project supports children throughout their school career. The project covers the costs for attending school and receiving medical check-ups, eye and dental care for a whole year for each child in the project, and also provides their parents with training. The project will also set up a computer centre in two schools in Babungo and Yaounde. Computer knowledge gives children a better chance of succeeding in secondary school.

A motorbike is being purchased for the project coordinator. This is necessary because the lack of public transport in the region means that people often have to spend hours walking or hitchhiking to get to their destination. The motorbike will be used to visit the homes of children and their parents and to deliver medications.

To improve their health, the children will receive a regularly scheduled medical check-up, and a toothbrushing and eye care project will be set up. Providing parents with various training activities related to health care, nutrition and HIV/Aids will raise awareness about these subjects so that the parents can also devote more attention to them.

Project visit Cameroon

Report of the visit of a Dutch teacher to the education project (in Dutch)

Remedial teaching Babungo

Children who are not meeting up with their classmates will be given Remedial Teaching so that they can come up to the level of expectation.

Newsletter Babungo January 2013

(In Dutch) 

Newsletter Babungo June 2012

(In Dutch)

Babungo foundation

The Babungo Foundation was founded in 2008 and supports small-scaled projects for children in Cameroon, including children living in slums. The foundation operates mainly in the Babungo Valley in the Mbenjeh community. Since 2009 the Babungo Foundation is working together with Net4kids. Thanks to this cooperation, an increasing number of children from very poor families is attending school, and a health centre is being supported.

The Babungo Foundation is strongly locally embedded. They working according the quod pro quo principle: parents of the school children help painting the schools or serving lunch, and the children at school will learn their siblings at home how to read and write.